Kickstart - NEXT Delft

Kickstart AI is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of artificial intelligence, in order to make a positive difference in the world. We believe that, by focusing on one thing at a time, we can achieve breakthrough results. With the support of leading companies in the Netherlands, we are working to increase the country’s AI efforts and make a real impact on society.

We actively pursue community growth, both in terms of heartbeats and data science capabilities. We are also committed to continuously developing the AI ecosystem.

Our 2022 signature dish is improved forecasting for a more dynamic world. And Kickstart AI proudly ‘serves’ it to the AI community at large, encouraging participants to contribute algorithms that further help organisations and society navigate turbulent waters.

Scientific insights are good. Practicable solutions are better. And solving problems is better still. Kickstart AI productizes code, drives adoption, and helps users convert these opportunities into wins. Every project is open source, so the entire AI community is welcome
to use (and build on) this work.


Do you want to lease a makers lab and/or office space, or do you have other questions? Pleace reach out.