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NEXT Delft is the outcome of a close collaboration between a.s.r. real estate, on behalf of ASR Dutch Science Park Fund, and TU Delft, and is being facilitated by grant aid from the municipal Delft Fund 2040 and the South Holland Campuses provincial grant scheme.

NEXT Delft is an important factor for the further development of the innovative ecosystem on the TU Delft Campus. Until now, it lacked an establishment alike. 

TU Delft’s campus is one of Europe’s leading R&D locations. It is a ‘NEXT-level innovation’ campus, a vibrant ecosystem and, above all, an open community in which radical and complex innovations are developed.

TU Delft’s home base houses more than 250 national and international companies, start-ups, research institutes, and field labs. They are all driven by the same goal – impact for a better society.


Ellen Elschot

Property- Community manager

NEXT Delft

06 22 40 68 63 ellen.elschot@asr.nl

Mariska Rimmelzwaan

Acquisition- & Assetmanager

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

06 12 54 67 12 mariska.rimmelzwaan@asr.nl

Michael van der Leer

Technical Assetmanager

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund 

06 13 00 46 11 michael.van.der.leer@asr.nl

Martin Kraaij

Acquisition- & Assetmanager

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund

06 51 80 19 88 martin.kraaij@asr.nl

MIssion NEXT

ASR Dutch Science Park Fund aims to have a positive social impact by stimulating the ecosystem of Dutch science parks. The fund does this through investments in high-quality sustainable real estate in science parks for the wide range of functions needed to further develop the ecosystem. This provides space for companies that work on innovations and sustainable developments that contribute to a better world.

The CSR policy is based on four important pillars: Impact, Sustainability, Partners and People. 

Each of these topics has its own objectives, but work together to achieve the fund’s impact goal. You can read how this is implemented in the Impact Policy Plan 2021-2023 of the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund. The results for 2020 are discussed for each strategic objective in the Impact Annual Report of the ASR Dutch Science Park Fund.

Corporate social responsibility