Flexous - NEXT Delft

Mechanical watches are the most precise
mechanical systems, 10.000x more precise than
its counterpart in state-of-the-art electronics. A mechanical watch oscillator can maintain its precision remarkably to within 0.001%, only 1 sec in 24 hours. The mechanical watch as it is known today stems from the 1675 invention of the balance wheel by Christiaan Huygens, a Dutch-
man. Now, almost 350 years later, in following the footsteps of Huygens, we are delivering cutting-edge innovation from the Netherlands to the watch industry.

Flexous designs, develops, and produces key components for mechanical watches in cooperation with high-end, luxury watch brands. The non-magnetic silicon designs eliminate friction making lubrication  obsolete, substantially extending the movement lifetime. By applying the principle of compliant mechanisms and our high-tech production methods, we can create
completely new, flexible designs that combine multi-part components of traditional mechanisms into one monolithic part, thinner, lighter, and more accurate than ever seen before.


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