Future Mobility Network - NEXT Delft

We believe that ‘what brought you here will not get you further’. And we are looking for more! Every day we are committed to making the world more sustainable, safer, more livable and simpler.

You make real changes together.
Together with our team, our clients and our extensive network, we ensure the greatest results. Together we are strong, we learn, we multiply our strengths and we put innovative mobility on the map. In the Netherlands, but also in the rest of the world.

We want to make cities more livable and the inhabitants happier.
That is our way of making the world a bit more beautiful. To achieve this, we write mobility plans for new areas that are being developed, we build a digital infrastructure, we devise smart solutions such as mobility hubs, we motivate people to leave the car a little more often and we run pilots with innovative concepts such as delivery robots. and automatic shuttles.

You don’t change the world by sitting still
That is why we work according to the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy. Together with universities and colleges, we conduct research, tests and experiments in research labs, field labs and living labs.


Do you want to lease a makers lab and/or office space, or do you have other questions? Pleace reach out.